thailand mapEagle House has been a leader in the field of quality eco-adventure treks for many years. This means that in the areas we favour for trekking there are no other tourists(i.e. four, three days treks to Inthanon National Park). We aim to create as little disturbance as possible in the Hilltribes daily lives. Visitors must respect the dress code, not offend sensitive local customs and always take any litter back to Chiang Mai where it can be disposed properly.

Eagle House is a member of the Jungle Tour Club of Northern Thailand. The JTCNT (with the Tourist Police and the Tourism Authority of Thailand) controls trekking in Northern Thailand, trekking agencies and their guides.
NOTE the day before departure ,trekkers should supply Eagle House with a photocopy (non-returnable) of their passport - the 'Identity Page' (personal details) and 'Date of Entry' stamp to Thailand so that the trek may be registered with the Tourist Police.


All guides are authorized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. They have successfully completed the 'Professional Guide Courses' and speak English, Thai and Hilltribe languages. Eagle House guides can explain about the history, custom and culture of Thailand, Buddhism, Hilltribe people, the nature, etc.


Design a trek! Treks may be arranged for any length, any time, anywhere walking only-hard, medium, easy, with or without elephant riding and bamboo rafting , visit the Hilltribes of your choice.

TREKKING IS walking from village to village following scenic local trails. On Inthanon area treks we visit colourful Hilltribe people, the Karen from Burma and the Hmong / Meo whose origins are in China. Cosy evenings are spent by the fireside discussing, learning, exchanging experiences and information with your guide and fellow trekkers. Delicious meals, cooked by your guide, are eaten by candlelight as there is no electricity. Overnight in simple atmospheric Hilltribe houses.


DAY 1: Depart 9 am sharp by trekking truck from Chiang Mai. Drive twenty minutes and stop at a bustling local market Drive one hour to visit a Buddhist cave with huge caverns, stalacmites and stalactites. Drive one hour and twenty minutes to a Hmong / Meo Hilltribe village. The Hmong are well known for their elaborately embroidered colourful costumes. An easy one and a half hour walk to overnight in the first Karen Hilltribe village.
DAY 2: Elephant riding two hours through gushing rivers and up mountain trails.Walk half an hour to lunch at a Karen Hilltribe village. Walk two hours. Overnight with Karen Hilltribe. Occasionally you can see the Karen women weaving fine cloth on backstrap looms.
DAY 3: Walk two and a half hours. Lunch. Walk one and a half hours to overnight at a Karen Hilltribe raft camp.
DAY 4: Exciting bamboo rafting two hours on the meandering Mae Cheam River. Walk half an hour to the Eagle House trekking truck pick up. Drive to a magnificent waterfall for swimming. Lunch. Drive to the top of Doi Inthanon for a view of the whole of Thailand. Return 6 pm to Eagle House.

DAY 1:
Depart 8.30 am sharp by truck from Chiang Mai. Drive twenty minutes and stop at a bustling local market. Drive one hour to visit a Buddhist cave with huge caverns, stalacmites and stalactites. Drive one hour and twenty minutes to a Hmong / Meo Hilltribe village. Lunch. Drive fifteen minutes to a Karen Hilltribe village. Elephant riding two hours through gushing rivers and up mountain trails. Walk half an hour and overnight with Karen Hilltribe.
DAY 2: Walk two hours. Lunch. Walk two and a half hours to overnight with Karen Hilltribe in their village or their raft camp.
DAY 3: Walk one and a half hours to rafting camp. Exciting bamboo rafting two hours on the Mae Cheam River. Lunch. Drive to a magnificent waterfall for swimming. Drive to the top of Doi Inthanon mountain for a view of the whole of Thailand. Return 7 pm. to Eagle House.

Eagle House highly recommends the four and three day treks to this remote area. It allows the participant to spend more time observing the extraordinary village life of an almost bygone era. Walking on the four day trek is slightly easier than on the three days trek.

Inthanon treks are all inclusive. The guide will provide rucksacks, mosquito nets, light sleeping bags. From November to February, however, trekkers are advised to take their own four season sleeping bags since temperatures can fall to one degree celcius.

* For Inthanon treks there will be a trek information and orientation meeting the evening before departure at approximately 6.30 pm. Book early to avoid disappointment.


These are lead through the popular Bong Duet National Park. Certain luxuries can be bought on the way, bottled drinks, snacks, handicrafts.

DAY 1: Depart Chiang Mai 9.30 am. Drive two hours to the refreshing Mork Fa Waterfall. Swimming and lunch. Drive to hotsprings, then walk two to three hours and overnight at a Karen Hilltribe village.
DAY 2: After breakfast, walk to the elephant camp about 20 minutes, then ride elephant 1-2 hours to a Karen Hilltribe village. Lunch. Navigate the Mae Taeng River for 2 hours on bamboo rafts as far as the Lahu Hilltribe village, overnight.
DAY 3: After breakfast walk 1-2 hours. Visit Akha Hilltribe then walk hours to a Shan village and have lunch by the river. Return to Chiang Mai and if time allows, stopping to visit the orchid and butterfly farm. Return by 5 pm.

DAY 1:
Depart Chiang Mai 9.30 am and drive 20 minutes to the market town of Maemalai where the guide will buy fresh provisions for the trek. Drive to Mork Fa Waterfall for swimming and lunch. Drive to Mae Sae and walk one and a half hours to hot springs; have a healthy hot medicinal shower. Walk two hours to a Karen Hilltribe village and overnight there.
DAY 2:
Walk 40 minutes to the elephant camp. Then elephant riding, one and a half hours to the Lahu Hilltribe village. Bamboo rafting two hours to Sobkai Shan village. Lunch. The trekking car will meet the group and the journey back to Chiang Mai will take about two hours. If time allows we will visit the orchid and butterfly farm on the way. Return by 5 pm.

**Three and two day treks in Bong Duet National Park do not include mineral water or soft drinks, these may be bought on the way. Boiled water is available on request.



Thailand has three seasons, March - June, hot and dry, July - October, hot, humid, wet (in the North, however, it tends to rain late in the afternoon for a short time, and in the middle of the might so you can always get out and about), November - February, cool and dry. Treks are run twelve months of the year, each season bringing a cornucopia of fresh beauties, fragrant flowers in vibrant colours to see in the jungle.


Eagle House welcomes trekkers of all ages in good health, but we must be informed of any disabilities, phobias, allergies etc. Thailand has a tropical climate so wear a hat, use a high factor suncream and drink plenty of fluids regularly. Supplement your diet with electrolytes to prevent dehydration. On longer treks participants have ranged from age 3 to age 84!


Minimum seven persons, maximum twelve persons. Private treks may however be arranged on request. Our guests find it stimulating to be in a group with people of different nationalities and backgrounds. All have in common their love of nature and a great interest in all things 'Thai' - social, cultural, environmental.


Trekkers overnight in the simple bamboo homes of the Hilltribes. Showers are taken in waterfalls or rivers, your bathroom is the jungle. You will be awoken by the dawn chorus and the sound of the rhythmical beat of the Hilltribe women husking rice.


Hearty meals are provided. For example, a western style breakfast of brown toast, butter, jam, eggs / fruit / pancakes and tea or coffee. Lunchtime:- perhaps stir fried noodles, noodle soup, fruit. Dinner:- choices of a variety of tasty dishes and locally grown rice for you to devour. Snacks, fruits and other items en route.


Loan of small rucksacks, light sleeping bags, blankets, mosquito nets (Inthanon area only). Food (vegetarians can be catered for), boiled water, tea, coffee and snacks. Food porter. Bamboo rafting, elephant riding, accomodation and transport to and from Chiang Mai. An English speaking Eagle House Guide will accompany the trekkers during the whole trek. Free use of store room for luggage while away on trek. Truck and trek accident insurance. Treks are payable in advance in Thai Baht only, no refunds can be made. We recommend leaving your valuables in the Eagle House safe (there is a nominal fee for this), a receipt is given and your valuables are put in envelope which is sealed and signed by you. It is impossible to break this seal.You can also leave your valuables in your hotel safe. You only need a few hundred Baht with you on the trek and it will make less of a difference between you and the local Hilltribe people.


  • Kneelength shorts
  • Biodegradable toiletries
  • Short-sleeved T-shirts
  • Insect repellent
  • Underwear & Socks
  • High factor suncream
  • Sun hat
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hiking boots / Walking shoes
  • Long trousers
  • Towel and Sarong(ladies)
  • Pullover
  • Flip flop / Sandals
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Raincoat
  • Small rucksack

Small rucksacks, light sleeping bags(Inthanon treks), mosquito nets (Inthanon treks) and blankets are provided by Eagle House. From November to February it is the cool season and you should bring your warmest clothes and your own four seasons sleeping bag for the chilly nights.


Please leave all items of value sealed in our safe. Valuables are sealed in an envelope which you must sign. It is impossible to tamper with the seal. A receipt will be given for the safe. You are responsible for all your belongings and valuables on the trek. Take about B1,000 with you, you can buy some handicrafts along the way and bottled drinks. It will make you feel more at home with the Hilltribes as the only difference between you and them is that you have a camera and they do not.


Labled luggage may be left in our supervised store room while you are on an Eagle House trek only. Eagle House takes no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage items. We have never had any problems with luggage and don't intend to start.




The Karen are the largest Hilltribe in Thailand numbering approximately 300,000. They originally come from Burma where there are still 4.8 million of them living there. They are renowned for their fine weavings.


Hmong come from Southern China. In Thailand there are 70,000 of them. They are famous for their intricate embroideries and indigo tie dyeing.


The Muser originate in Yunnan in South West China, there are still 250,000 of them left there. In Thailand their population is 55,000 and in Burma 150,000.


The Akha come from South West China and can be recognised by their elaborate silver headdresses. There are 28,000 of them living in Thailand.


The Yao originate in Southern China where there are 1.3 million today. In Thailand there are 40,ooo and in Vietnam 200,000. They can be recognised by their finely embroidered trousers.


The Lisu originally come from Eastern Tibet. There are 24,000 living in Thailand today.

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