• Choose your own menu
  • Small intensive groups only
  • Cook all dishes yourself – no spice at all, or very spicy, as you like.
  • Market Visit – learn how to choose the freshest vegetables, herbs, spices and fruit!
  • Learn about the culinary aspects of Thai Culture with our chef!
  • Easy methods taught so that you can achieve the same results at home.
  • Great 76 page A4 colour recipe book.
  • Vegetarian, vegan, or special dishes are possible.
  • Every participant has their own cooking station! We welcome all ages to join us!

Certificates will be awarded to all graduates of The Chilli Club


  • 9am Choose the dishes you would like to cook.
  • If there is a dish not included in our extensive recipe book then our chef is more than happy to teach you.
  • Visit the local market, we like to buy our ingredients here and support the community. There will be time for explanation of fruits, vegetables and herbs seen en route as well as basic Thai ingredients!
  • Preparation of ingredients and then cooking! Decoration of dishes!
  • Enjoyable eating!
  • There will be a short break in the day to allow you time to relax!

    Cooking is a life skill, enabling you to recreate scrumptious, but healthy Thai food in your own home. Detailed step by step recipe books with colour photos are available in English.

    Chef Visutt, is extremely thorough and shares a lot of knowledge that you will not find in any other book. He has taught professional chefs, total beginners (also older children), of all nationalities and food preferences! This really is an excellent course!

    The Chilli Club Recipe Book

  • Recipes in an easy to follow format
  • Plenty of information on Thai cuisine in general
  • Sections on the properties of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables
  • Cooking rice
  • Thai language - how to order Thai food, buying ingredients and utensils.
  • How to serve Thai food.


    The Chilli Club Thai Cooking Academy has a permanent home at Eagle House (Fathai Apartment), 3/1 Viengbua Road, Soi 6, Tambon Chang Puak, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai. Tel: 053 225 555.
    We are located a few minutes walk from Thaphae Gate where the Sunday Walking Street is.

    Full day class ß1,200: 9am start. Finishes 3-4pm. Cook five dishes
    Half day class ß900: takes three hours, start morning, afternoon or early evening. Cook three dishes

    The Chilli Club is situated in our lush gardens, naturally air-conditioned, i.e. cool open air, as well as fan cooled, but with a roof..!

    Office hours: 8am to 7.30pm.

    Includes: expert Chef instruction, The Chilli Club Cook Book, tour to the local market with explanations, all ingredients, drinking water, tea and coffee. Doggy bag!

    If you are having difficulty making up your mind which cooking course to take then note that we have only small groups and please compare our cookbook to that of other schools. There is no comparison at all that this it the most thorough class and the best deal!

    At The Chilli Club and Eagle House, we do no advertising, nor do we pay commissions, so you really get what you pay for. We have been open for almost 30 years.


    Thai food takes quite a lot of preparation. Time is spent chopping, pounding and slicing fresh ingredients for the final process, which is usually a quick stir in a hot wok. At The Chilli Club, you will learn practically, to achieve the best results, with little effort!

    The variety of ingredients and the different combinations of flavours make Thai food an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Four basic flavours are blended in different proportions, depending on the desired taste. Hot and spicy: from fresh, or dried hot peppers. Sweet: from palm or white sugar. Sour: from tamarind, or fresh lime juice. Salty: from fish, or oyster, sauces.

    Thai food is not only consumed as a source of energy, but every element of Thai food is considered to have medicinal value and healing qualities. It is possible to each some or all parts of nearly all plants and trees native to Thailand. Thai food is high in vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre and it is always, always fresh. It is a perfect cuisine for health-conscious cooks.

    If you want to find out more about Thai food, then please join The Chilli Club. Chef Visutt is a fountain of knowledge and you will enjoy learning from our recipe book too.

    The Chilli Club is recommended by…..

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Essen und Trinken Magazine,Handlesblatt, Irish Backpacker Magazine, BBC Television Food & Drink Programme, SBS Australia Television, TV2 Norway Television, Lonely Planet, Stefan Loose, Nancy Chandler Maps, The Rough Guide ……and The Chilli Club is especially recommended by its’ many graduates who have taken a life skill home with them that will always be useful!

    The Chilli Club - ‘Aroy maak maak!’

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