• Large rucksack
  • Small rucksack
  • Cotton sheetbag
  • Cotton trousers
  • Cotton shirts or t-shirts with short sleeves
  • Kneelength shorts (Bermudas) not cycle shorts
  • Lightweight pullover
  • Dress (for ladies)
  • Flip flops (thongs / sandals)
  •  Towel



passportpassportPassport. Air tickets. Travellers cheques. Postcheques. Vaccination & Insurance papers. Photocopy of Passport & Birth Certificate. International Drivers Licence. List of serial numbers of travellers cheques. Air tickets. Alien Card. Credit Cards. Green Card. PADI Card. Business cards. Emergency phone /fax numbers and e-mails for your home, travellers cheque company or credit card company and your embassy or consul.

Thai money {baht}US Dollars

Credit cards, travellers cheques, Postcheques and US Dollars in good condition are acceptable in Thailand. Change your money on arrival for a better Thai Baht rate. Eurocheques are not recommended.


Please note that there is very little stealing in Thailand however we do recommend taking good care of your valuables when you travel, the same as you would in your home country. Don't forget your valuables in the toilet, public shower, swimming pool or on a restaurant table. A very popular place to leave them is hanging off the back of a chair!!!

We recommend sealing your valuables in a number of smaller envelopes. The glued seals of each envelope should be sealed with masking tape and you should sign over the seal. It is impossible to break this seal. This is the system which we use for the Eagle House 'Safe' and we have never had a problem as it is clear that the seal has not been broken.

Your travellers cheques and your travellers cheques receipts should be kept seperately, as should your credit card from your passport or identity card. A popular way to take care of your valuables if you are travelling with another person is for you to have your companions passport and he or she yours. You keep your own travellers cheques. This means that if your valuables are stolen or you mislay them then the cheques cannot be cashed without the appropriate passport.


In the Arrivals Hall of both Suvarnabhumi (BKK on your Airticket) and Don Muang (DMK on your airticket) International Airports, there is a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), which offers tourist information and a Thai Hotel Federation office for hotels. The standard, choice and quality of Hotels are first / world class and great value for money. 'Taxi Meter' taxis into the city cost about B300+ per car, 24 hours a day. There is also a minibus transfer service between Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang International Airports.

The main backpacker centre is 'Khao San Road' (cow san), where there are many travel agencies, cafes and shops. It is a busy place to stay, but good for information

For backpacker accommodation we suggest Si Ayutthaya Road, a quiet area behind the National Library, not far from Khao San Road. A number of simple guest houses have opened here. All offer practical information on visiting Bangkoks most
important sites easily.


By AirBy air: From Bangkok B1,680 one way, airport tax is included. A frequent flight which takes 70 minutes. There are many direct international connections to Chiang Mai from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Myanmar, Laos, and China.
By TrainBy train: One way second class sleeper from B531 to B1,453 depending if the train is fan or air -conditioned. A comfortable 12-14 hour journey, itís interesting to take a day train to see the scenery or an overnight train to save on accommodation.
By BusBy bus from the public Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit), takes 10 hours. From B550+, air conditioned, or VIP (with food and more leg room). These are the only official buses to Chiang Mai, we advise you to only book these.

** Do not book the private buses to Chiang Mai in Khao San Road in the centre of Bangkok. Refrain from buying train / bus / air / tickets which include ‘free’ accommodation and trek combination, make up your own mind what you want to do when you arrive in Chiang Mai.

If you are travelling by any air-conditioned transport, make sure to bring something warm as it is usually freezing.


It will take you 10-20 minutes to get to Eagle House from the airport, train or bus station, depending on the time of day. A taxi will cost around B150. Everything in Chiang Mai is very central and accessible, especially if you are staying at Eagle House, it is the ideal place to shop and you can easily walk, or cycle around.


Clothing: This is your holiday so you should travel as comfortably as possible. Quality clothing may be bought cheaply. Bring a few changes of clothes and buy more on arrival. It is important in Thailand to be conservative in your dress and manner. The Thais are an extremely modest people and are very pleased when you respect their customs. Only in tourist areas are short-sleeved t- shirts and long shorts (not cycleshorts) just about acceptable. Ladies should wear a bra. Have one outfit that looks smart in case you are invited to someones home.

Swimwear: Topless or nude sunbathing or swimming is absolutely not acceptable. A one piece swimsuit for ladies would be considered more polite and in the countryside the visitor should swim fully clothed. Please respect our Thai customs!

Solo women travellers should have no problems; apply the same code of commonsense as at home. It is easy to travel alone and can be more rewarding as you will probably meet more local people!

Toilets in Thailand are western style and squat style. Water is supplied rather than toilet paper as it is more hygienic. If you want to use paper, do not throw it into the toilet, but into the waste basket provided otherwise you will block the plumbing. Take care of your valuables and ensure that they don't fall down the toilet!! Don't forget your valuables in the toilet.

Toiletries: It is possible to buy toiletries and other western items in Thailand so buy them when you get here, they cost the same as at home. Insect repellent should be bought on arrival.

Bedlinen: Most Guest Houses do not supply top sheets so bring a sheetbag for your own comfort.

Language: Speak slowly and clearly so that you can be understood. Learn to speak some Thai, buy a phrasebook which has Thai script, and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Your feet: Never point your foot. Never pick up anything with your toes. Never walk over food. Don’t forget to take your shoes off in a Thai house or in a temple. The head is the highest part of the body, so resist the temptation to tousle a persons hair, do not point with your feet at a Buddha image. In a temple sit with your feet pointing away from the Buddha, do not sit cross-legged. Do not stand over a monk and ladies must not touch a monk or pass anything to him directly.

WARNING- Be careful of touts and taxis who try to take you to buy gems and silk of low quality at inflated prices. Wait until you get to Chiang Mai for the best shopping and advice from us. When travelling by taxi, be clear about where you want to go, some taxis get a commission so they may try to persuade you to go to a place other than your original destination.

Healthcare: Thailand is a very modern and efficient country, we know you will be very pleasantly surprised at the ease with which you can travel and generally enjoy your holiday, this is after all the fastest developing country in South East Asia. Health and dental care is excellent and inexpensive. You will find first class spotlessly clean hospitals with internationally trained doctors, new sterile needles are standard, all medicines are available and patients are treated to exceptional care and attention!

Banks and Currency Exchanges: Bank currency exchanges in Chiang Mai are open seven days a week, 8 am to 8 pm(20.00) or later, as are most shops and attractions! Actual banks are open 8.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Thai Royal Family: The King and Queen of Thailand are revered for their great wisdom and for being 'in touch' with their subjects. They organize many projects for the people and the environment. No disrespect should be shown them, e.g. if you drop a coin, do not stand on it, you will have stood on the King’s face, careful! The National Anthem is usally played at 8 am, 6 pm daily and before cinema, theatre performances or sports events, you should stand respectfully and stop doing whatever you were doing.

Please let us know if there are any other tips you would like us to include in this page which you would have found useful travelling in Thailand.

Wishing you an enjoyable holiday,
with best wishes from all at Eagle House!

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